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    by nature before us.

    In the beginning there was a tree as later grew with blessed will.

    Sound fell from the sky and words were given for tongue exercise.

    Universal language moves through a delayed mythic kidnap.

    Till then it’s our decision to (re)present what’s being alive, a fraud.

    But ethics/moral of good behavior arises for hope of happiness.

    A covert paradox of bared wisdom lies in warrior hands.

  2. Conceito, Coreografia e Performance Ana Rocha

    Aconselhamento Artístico Jorge Gonçalves

    Producão MEZZANINE

    Apoio NEC – Núcleo de Experimentação Coreográfica (PT) e Uferstudios (DE)

    Agradecimentos Cecilie Schmidt e Louise Ahl (Tanztage Berlin ’12 - Coaching Project); Peter Pleyer, Cilgia Gadola and Franziska Schrage (Equipa do Tanztage Berlin); Sandra Blatterer, Susana Alonso, Connie Breitkreuz, Barbara Friedrich e Thomas Schaupp

    Sophiensaale | Tanztage Berlin'12